Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windshield


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Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windshields are sculpted to the sport bike’s distinctive futuristic lines and enhances the bike’s race look while providing added aerodynamics. Give your bike a slight face lift with the Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windshield.

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Product Description

  • Formed with a wedge-shaped bubble in the center of the windscreen, the Double Bubble was originally designed to provide superior aerodynamics for a rider tucked in behind the windscreen
  • Adds a sleek, aerodynamic look to the exciting designs of today’s new sport bikes
  • Developed by Zero Gravity R&D in 1995 for Team ZG’s race bikes, the Double Bubble is now seen on race tracks around the world
  • All Zero Gravity windscreens offer superior optical quality, strength plus flexibility, exceptional fit and finish
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